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My First Blog Post!

Jane Vongvorachoti

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to train to compete in the 2016 Olympics and my reason for writing this blog is to share with you my journey toward Rio. I am extremely thankful to my mother and father who raised me to not only value my education, but took the time to teach me and emphasize the advantages of being able to speak multiple languages.  Without them, I would be unable to communicate with my training partners and current teammates on the Thailand National Team. Growing up, little did I know that being able to communicate in my mother's language would pay dividends many times over.

I truly believe that we are nothing without the support of the friends and loved ones around you.  Always remember that.  Everyday I train to compete, I am thankful for everyone who has helped me grow to be the woman I am today.  Even the smallest things can help you grow leaps and bounds and there are always opportunities to learn more. Everyday is a new experience for me while I am here in Thailand living with my teammates and coaches; this is such a spectacular time in my life as I work toward achieving the goal I have had since I was a child. 

This is my first official blog entry on this page and in this space you can look forward to me sharing tips about traveling around Thailand, sharing my training experiences, describing the people I meet and my teaching experiences and, of course, details about my journey to the 2016 Olympics in Rio! 

Always remember that although helping someone else get closer to their goals may not necessarily get you to your own goals, doing so can make an immeasurable difference in that person’s life.