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On to Berlin...

Jane Vongvorachoti

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I ultimately came away disappointed from the 10,000m race at the SEA Games; I felt as though I were a deer caught in headlights. Without a doubt, I put hard work into my training in Thailand during the 5 week lead-in (after a slight injury lead me to decide to race the 10km rather than the marathon). Going into the race, although I had not raced 10km on the track in well over a year, I was by no means scared. I knew that I had put in the necessary effort in training to perform well. My plan had always been to compete in the marathon, but the injury hampered my training for slightly more than 3 weeks. I do not intend to make any excuses, but I understand that planning and training for a marathon is fundamentally different from planning and training for a 10km race on the track. I knew that speed would be key to do well on the track.

Given the time frame, I was able to fit in 10 track sessions to focus specifically on my speed (though a few of those sessions were truncated given I was still on the mend), however that wasn’t enough to get me the result I wanted. Lack of planning and constant questioning of the seemingly ever-changing pre-race procedures of such a large event lead me to finish in 3rd place, good enough to earn the first SEA Games medal for Thailand in the women’s 10km. Some were happy for me to win the bronze medal, but I was only left disappointed with my performance. I know I can race better. I know I can run faster. I know I can compete for the gold medal.

In the days that followed the race, I was inspired by blog written by Liz and I have come to accept that one race doesn’t define your career as a runner. Races sometimes fall on an off-day and great training sessions alone do not always equal great racing performances. However, when you combine great training sessions with all other elements of racing, including mental preparation, the results will follow. In addition, you need to be consistent. Put in quality work and make it a daily habit to do so. Have patience and the results will come. Thank you, Liz, for sharing your mantra with me.

With the 10km race now behind me, I can only learn from my experiences, work even harder, be more consistent and look forward to my next race. I am now on to Berlin…